The Lawton Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association Activities include, and are not limited too our Annual Spagetti Dinner, Annual Pepsi Sales and much more. The LCPAAA volunteers to assist with many activities that benefit and assist the Lawton Police Department and local community.

Past, Present, Future

Three very important people were responsible for getting things off to a good start: Officer James Poindexter, Connie Leary, and Robin Seright. They did all the legwork in promoting this new organization. Much time was spent sending out letters to all the businesses in Lawton asking for their support. They spoke to people directly informing them what the Alumni group was going to do and how they were going to help the Lawton Police Department with its activities, equipment needs and other needed items.

One major activity was the raising of over $14,000 in order to purchase two trained police dogs. This included sending a few Lawton Police officers so they could get trained with the dogs too.

Over the past few years there have been numerous fundraising activities so we could continue to provide these extra funds for the police officers. There have been many Krispy Kreme donuts sales, several Bake Sales, a Taco Dinner at the Coliseum (in Lawton, not Rome), Garage Sales, Burger King evenings, Pepsi Sales, and three Car Shows.

Money raised from these events have helped purchase four bicycles for the Lawton Bicycle Patrol, purchased numerous other items including air tanks for the Lawton Police Dive Team.

People often ask questions as to why we are raising money for the Police Officers. One simple reason: our City Council does not fully fund everything our Police Department needs on a regular basis. We try to fill this financial void as much as we can.

We are involved with every CPA class to provide refreshments, certificates and help influence class members as too the importance of joining the Alumni Association after they graduate from their CPA class.

It’s important to note that four CPA graduates have gone on to become Lawton Police Officers (one of them a female). Several have also enrolled in the Sentinels program.

List of Events

The LCPAAA has held or assisted in the following events.

- Cops -N Kids Poker Run and Picnic
- Remington 870 Tactical Express shotgun
- Annual Spaghetti Dinner
- Back 2 School Bash
- Krispy Kreme Donut Sales
- Several Bake Sales
- Lawton  Great Plains Coliseum Taco Dinner
- Local Garage Sales
-Burger King Evenings
- Annual LCPAAA Pepsi Sales
- Local Car Shows
- Shop With a Cop and many more!


More Information

To find out more about LCPAAA events and activities, please feel free to contact us.